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Report - Data investment the key to better business growth
New research from Digital Realty has revealed that almost half (47%) of IT leaders globally believe their business investment in data systems and infrastructure is a key obstacle or concern.
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Data management
Data ecosystem collaboration can lead to financial gains of up to 9% annual revenue
Organisations involved in sharing, exchanging and collaborating with data, as part of a data ecosystem, can gain financial benefits of up to $940 million.
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Data growth
Data gravity and its impact on data storage infrastructure
As storage associated with massive data sets continues to grow, so will its gravitational force on other elements within the IT universe.
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How 'data gravity' centres can spell trouble for enterprises
With digital data from social, analytics, mobile, cloud, IoT and more being created with both simultaneity and omnipresence, so much information is being collected that it’s forming a ‘centre of gravity’.
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Digital Realty
APAC region is creating its own 'data gravity' - Digital Realty
The Asia Pacific region generates so much data that it can generate its own ‘data gravity’ effect, attracting so much data that moving it becomes an almost impossible task.
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Big Data
3 data challenges of modernising government agencies
The COVID-19 pandemic hit while Australia’s public sector was in the midst of amalgamation.
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Rapid data growth becoming major business challenge
StorageCraft research reveals rampant data growth, and inadequate IT infrastructures are a source of global concern and risk.
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Machine learning
The trouble with data hoarding — and how to fix It
A lot of companies have become data Hoarders, and they'll soon find themselves struggling with the cost of managing it all.
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Internet of Things
Exclusive - IoT: Are we deaf to the machines?
From the devices in our homes, our cars, our work and even to the devices we wear, they are all talking - why are we wasting this useful information?
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Data analytics
Process intelligence from Nintex set to transform business
This incredible new platform from Nintex will allow you to gain access to data you never knew you had - and make informed decisions based on it.
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Big Data
Want to keep up with the digital era? How you can 'activate your data'
Here is an expert look into how data has evolved from being something that needed babysitting to a critical strategic asset for business growth.
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Expert insights: Data is the untapped opportunity for resellers
Every successful company collects data, which is processed, analysed and transformed into information for real business value. How can you use it?
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Disaster Recovery
Commvault and Cisco partner up to simplify data protection and recovery
Commvault and Cisco have partnered up to launch its new Reference Architecture and added support for Cisco’s HyperFlex hyper-convergence system.