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Generation Z news stories

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Generation Z holds more power in firms' tech purchasing decisions
Generation Z (Gen Z) is the newest generation in the global workforce, and already it is having an impact on how businesses harness technology.
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Customer experience
Understanding customer diversity key to omnichannel experience
Millennials and Generation Z are transforming the customer experience, and businesses can only grow sustainability if they deliver what customers expect.
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Young Kiwis prepared for the future of the workforce - MYOB study
New Zealand’s next generation of the workforce is prepared for the gig economy and ready for whatever disruption comes its way, according to a new report from MYOB.
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Social Media
Gen Z will look elsewhere if tech companies don't get their act together
"Tech companies need to tailor their recruitment to appeal to changing demographics and generations if they are to get ahead of the skills shortfall across the industry." 
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Kiwi 'Gen Zers' crave learning & development in their jobs
Gen Z employees have clear career ambitions that first appear at university and follow them into the workforce, the study claims.
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Digital natives love the blockchain because they trust it
The younger ‘digital native’ generation may turn out to be blockchain’s driving force in years to come, argues Dentacoin's Donika Kraeva.
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The age of privacy is over: Understanding the tech behaviour of Gen Z
Their number one desired career was to be a famous YouTuber, followed by a software developer and Twitter celebrity with over one million followers.