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Small and Medium Enterprise / SME
Bad business: Kiwi SMEs not planning ahead
"It is crucial that SME owners are taking the right steps to ensure the financial stability of not only themselves but for New Zealand's economy as well."
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Mental Health
Congestion in NZ's cities adds to employee strain
That congestion in Auckland and in other congested places can have significant impacts on business and employee health – to the point where one business CEO says employers need to make allowances for it.
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Small and Medium Enterprise / SME
Experts warning SMEs against borrowing against the family home
"Business owners looking to raise cheap money to fund their business should be cautioned to ensure they are raising the right type of debt for their business requirements."
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Remote Working
Knock technology off its pedestal, expert says
"It's time to put technology in its place. It should not be front and centre in your business."
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Employers need to get over stigma as workforce changes
''The experience of our workforce becomes more valuable than the technology if we give the time and effort to show people how to leverage it."
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Small Business / SMB
Solo business owners without partnerships 'hold NZ's economy back'
Going it alone can be the hardest way to run a small business, and some will even go as far as saying that solo business owners are ‘holding back New Zealand’s economy’.
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NZ SMBs getting caught up in tech tool hype
The average SMB will use eight different cloud applications despite no noticeable improvement in profit or productivity.