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Safety news stories

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How TruSens air purifiers can create healthier workspaces
The pandemic has heightened our awareness of our own and others’ health, and made us all much more conscious of the environments we work in.
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Konica Minolta Australia and MiR offering now available
Konica Minolta Australia has announced the MiR1350 is now available through its partner, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), offering greater efficiency and productivity.
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Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association / AMTA
AMTA supports publication of new international EMF standards
The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has openly supported the publication of two new international standards for 5G electric and magnetic fields (EMF).
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Getac and Optalert expand partnership to promote industrial safety
Getac’s ZX70 Android tablets will be used to support Optalert’s Eagle Industrial early-warning drowsiness detection system for use in mining and transportation.
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The most common online scams in Australia
No one is safe from online scammers, and many of these scammers have capitalised on the pandemic, using this confusing time to attack more people than ever.
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Voxel hits total funding of $18M following ongoing wins
Since raising its seed round in September, Voxel has grown at pace, by decreasing on-site injuries by upwards of 80% and increasing operational productivity.
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Power / Energy
Keysight Technologies introduces new next-gen DPT solution
Keysight Technologies has announced its new next-generation Double-Pulse Tester (DPT) with the PD1550A Advanced Dynamic Power Device Analyser.
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World (un)Password day? Yubico releases MFA guide encouraging new ideas
In a slight departure from traditional World Password Day lore, Yubico has today announced a multi-factor authentication (MFA) guide.
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10 Minute IT Jams
Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - An update from CyberArk
Today we are joined by CyberArk regional manager for A/NZ Thomas Fikentscher, who gives us some expert insight into the company's Threat Landscape 2022 Report.
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Data Protection
Password hygiene in New Zealand: Statistics, standing and standpoints
You can find a plethora of “how to” guides on the net, but seldom can you find any statements on how “password hygienic” we Kiwis are, or how our state of hygiene compares with other countries.
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Creating a secure and welcoming environment with automated visitor management
How can organisations create safe working environments that people actually want to visit?
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Are New Zealand's sub sea cables a cybersecurity risk?
Submarine cable networks are often perceived as quite an anomaly to some. While they are generally a crucial part of a country's data and communication infrastructure, there is limited knowledge and public perception of the actual technology behind them.
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Artificial Intelligence
Verdantix warns EHS executives must be operationally ready for AI
Environment, health, and safety executives should be operationally ready to deploy AI projects as adoption benefits become too great to ignore.
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Ava security
Ava Security announces first to market multi-sensor camera
Global security tech company Ava Security will be the first to bring a specialised multi-sensor security camera to market.
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Mobile Security
Mobile madness: Unpacking the business and personal risks of digital mobile in Aotearoa
Should Kiwis practice better smartphone security, and are they one swipe or tap away from a colossal data breach?
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Back to business: Oracle study reveals fears and thoughts as Christmas shopping season approaches
Australian consumers are increasingly worried about product delays in the lead up to Christmas, with a new survey revealing that almost one in four Australian shoppers are anxious about gift orders not arriving on time. 
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How retailers can keep staff and customers safe with Motorola solutions
With Motorola’s range, retailers will have peace of mind that their store environment is always safe and providing the best shopping experience possible.
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Motorola Solutions
Technology underpins public safety in post-pandemic world - Motorola report
According to the study, 88% of people want to see public safety transformed through advanced technologies.
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New Zealanders are exposing themselves to cybercrime, study shows
According to Avast, many New Zealanders are exposing themselves to unnecessary online risks and cyber threats through careless digital practices.
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Poly A/NZ explores hybrid working and how to provide equality of experience
Many businesses are on a journey to understanding how they can best provide and manage a hybrid workplace for their employees.
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Remote Working
StaySafe, what3words launch app for locating remote workers in emergencies
“Adding the what3words functionality simplifies getting responders to the exact location of an incident quickly.”
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Remote Working
Managing health, safety, and security with visitor management systems
Investing in visitor management systems that capture and store relevant information in a secure database in real-time can significantly enhance existing security processes.
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Internet of Things
Epson sets sights on growing sensor market
To start selling new sensing technologies and launch a new sensing analysis technology business.
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Microsoft Teams
RealWear expands A/NZ reach with VExpress
RealWear provides a purpose-built hands-free wearable device that can be used in extremely noisy industrial environments.