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Artificial Intelligence
A new radar and computer vision-based IoT AI platform creates smart spaces easily
Ulisse is launching the only radar and computer vision-based IoT AI platform to help retailers, businesses, cities, and more turn areas into intelligent spaces. 
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Forcepoint's cloud-native approach to user activity & insider threat monitoring
Forcepoint’s new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Dynamic User Protection, is the result of bringing user activity monitoring (UAM) and insider threat detection to the cloud.
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Secure access service edge / SASE
5 ways to use data science to predict security issues - Forcepoint
Data science enables people to respond to problems in a better way, and to also understand those problems in a way that would not have been possible 50 years ago.
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Data Protection
Interview: Forcepoint defines data & user protection for the cloud era
We spoke to Forcepoint’s strategic business director Nick Savvides about data and user protection, and how cloud-managed security can help organisations meet their cybersecurity needs.
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Identity and Access Management
ManageEngine introduces user and entity behaviour analytics in its SIEM solution
"In today’s IT security landscape, rigid alert rules and conventional threat detection systems no longer make the cut.”
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ManageEngine adds user behaviour analytics to ADAudit Plus
With its dynamic alert thresholds, ADAudit Plus reduces the number of false positives and buys ample time for security teams to focus on the real indicators of compromise.
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Customer experience
How online retail businesses need to bundle security into customer experience
eCommerce sites, in particular, are increasingly targeted by hackers due to the sensitive payment card information.
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Data Science
ResponSight’s real-time enterprise risk intelligence thrives in Australia
"While boards and business leaders want to understand their organisation’s cyber risk posture, the way that most measure risk is arbitrary."
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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
RSA adds behavioural analytics to portfolio through Fortscale buyout
Cybersecurity giant RSA is now offering behavioural analytics as part of its portfolio after successfully acquiring Fortscale.
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Insights on industrial vulnerability: How secure is your OT infrastructure?
Addressing the requirements of an OT network is now more important than ever and requires an integrated approach.
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Big Data
Fighting back against cyber attacks with big data analytics
The more log data businesses amass, the greater opportunity they’ll have to detect, diagnose and protect themselves from cyber-attacks.
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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
LogRhythm dips toes into UEBA market to defend against user-based threats
“UEBA arms organisations to detect and respond to user-based threats. Analysts are provided evidence-based starting points for investigation."
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Global attitude & aptitude: Dtex brings behavioural intelligence back to APAC
Dtex’s Mohan Koo on the importance of looking beyond firewalls, and the opportunities and challenges in Australia.
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Machine learning
Interview: The Australian firm moving beyond cybersecurity's 'silver bullet' myth
ResponSight’s Jeff Paine on the importance of moving past ‘silver-bullets’ in cybersecurity.
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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Cybereason and Exabeam fuse endpoint detection with SIEM
"This holistic analysis combines Cybereason data with that of other security solutions to help customers detect complex threats."
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Network Security
Aruba extends focus on network security and behavioural analytics
Aruba has extended its reach into the security market by fusing together network security with User and Entity Behavioural Analytics.
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Data analytics
Forcepoint's RedOwl acquisition paves way for 'human-centric' security
Cybersecurity firm Forcepoint has spent an undisclosed amount on the acquisition of security analytics provider RedOwl.
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Security intelligence
Former Symantec sales head leads Gurucul expansion in Asia
Security intelligence provider Gurucul is setting its sights on the Asia Pacific region.Symantec/Blue Coat head of sales Sandeep Puri leads the way.
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Interview: Telstra on why the electronic and cyber security worlds must converge
Isolation is a thing of the past - at least when it comes to electronic and cyber security. They are rapidly converging. How will they work together?