07 May 2013
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400m Outlook users following Hotmail upgrade

Microsoft has finished upgrading Hotmail customers to Outlook.com, with the move driving over 400 million active account holders.

The software giant announced rebranding plans for the email service in August last year, naming the replacement Outlook.com.

The company has continued to phase out the service, gradually switching over users to the new format since its February re-launch.

In a bid to compete with Gmail and email services from both Apple and Yahoo, Outlook.com officially became the world's fastest growing service earlier this year, growing from 0 to 60 million users in the space of six months.

Now that milestone has reached 400 million users, with 125 million currently accessing email, calendar and contacts on a mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync.

"When we launched the preview of Outlook.com, our goal was to build the best email service in the world, capable of scaling to over a billion active customers," says Dick Craddock, Outlook.com Blog, Microsoft.

"When Outlook.com came out of preview, it was already the fastest growing email service thanks to your support.

"The last two months have seen the release of a new, modern Outlook.com calendar, a refreshed Outlook.com app for Android devices, two-factor authentication for your account, new international domains for people around the world, and the release of a preview of Skype calling in Outlook.com."

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