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Aastra - ANZ's best-kept contact centre secret

12 Nov 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

"We're the best kept secret across Australia and New Zealand."

That's the view of Tony Warhurst, managing director Aastra ANZ, a leading company at the forefront of the enterprise communication market.

Business units of Aastra Technologies, the ANZ arm of the company offers one of the most complete portfolios of unified communications solutions individually tailored to satisfy its customers’ requirements.

Within the contact centre space specifically, Aastra produces solutions by technology industry, business need and business size - ensuring the right solutions for every communications need.

"What stands Aastra out from its competitors is that we demonstrate a commitment to developing solutions based on open standards," Warhurst says.

"As a result, this does not restrict the customer to a closed architecture or vendor lock-in."

With open standards, Warhurst explains that customers can more easily integrate components to build a best-of-breed communication solution, or they are able to develop their own uniquely customised solution.

"Aastra also operates across multiple controllers from different vendors and with that on the high-end products we offer close to 98% of the functionality, at around 50% of the price," Warhurst adds.

"Being open and being very cost effective per agent is one of our strengths and why a lot of people continue to stick with us.

"And even when they're moving off one of our older call controllers to a new product they will actually keep our Solidus eCare in as their contact centre solution."

A suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications for intelligent interaction in the enterprise, with Solidus eCare businesses get a powerful and flexible toolbox, providing contact center services, self-service applications and business automation integration.

Warhurst adds that it also offers clear, easy-to-use, historical, real-time reporting and analytics tools to solve business problems, reduce operational costs and improve performance.

"Because of the functuacitality we have at Aastra, and our price per agent, we suite the small end of town very well as well as the high end," concludes Warhurst.

"Meaning whether you're a small, medium or large business, we have the tools help you save money, increase productivity and get the job done."

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