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Advantage: Why the gold standard of customer service matters

As a business, it is crucial to evolve and adapt IT operations to survive, innovate and compete - even more so during a global pandemic.

With so many products and solutions on offer, many companies are left scratching their heads: Which IT provider is right for their needs? Does a provider just want to line its pockets, or does it actually care about customers?

Advantage excels where many of these other IT providers fail, with the heart of their business being a core focus on unmatched customer service and satisfaction.

For over 30 years, Advantage has provided gold standard IT solutions to enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

What's the company's secret to keeping so many customers happy over the years? It all comes down to its dedication to providing tailored, comprehensive solutions.

"The longevity of our customers really speaks out," says Advantage Auckland Manager Steve Smith.

"We treat them like partners and as if they are part of our business because we understand their business just as much as they do. They are never a number in our system," he says.

This customer-centric approach spans across the whole business, from the ground level engineers to the senior leadership team. Smith says it's never about hierarchy, and the company will always be along for the whole journey.

While service is paramount, so are quality solutions, and Advantage says it prides itself on providing effective and innovative technology. Harnessing decades of knowledge, the company offers solutions across the security, cloud and IT management spaces.

"Nothing's too hard and we get the job done because we have passion for the clients and their needs."

It's also an exciting time for Advantage and its cybersecurity expertise, with celebrated practitioner Dr Bryce Antony joining the team as a senior cyber security engineer.

"A big focus for us now is around DDoS and what we can do in terms of incident response, and that's why we've hired Dr. Bryce Antony. We've also hired another senior security specialist to work in Auckland," says Smith.

As the company invests in cybersecurity, Smith says this doesn't limit Advantage's talents to specific industries. Instead, the company values technical diversity and works with companies across a wide range of industries.

"We look after the security probe for a large telco enterprise in Australia, with their offsite managed sub service. We also deployed our solutions to Fiji National University (a 10,000+ user site). The deployment was done completely remotely during the height of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which shows our versatility and that our tools are deployed right across a wide infrastructure range."

A refreshed brand campaign also adds to customer satisfaction and ease of recognition. Advantage Protect, Advantage Cloud and Advantage Manage make up the company's three business pillars. New logos created as part of this continue to show the classic Advantage branding but with a modern twist.

While Smith says the company is excited to provide a new range of services and add to their existing portfolio, they will continue to provide the outstanding customer service and partnership they are known for. Consistent internal staff reviews have proven the company has fostered an environment of growth and commitment, a key for progress in the IT space.

A quote from a recent customer can perfectly sum up the heart of Advantage and sets an example of why IT providers should keep client satisfaction at the top of their priority list.

"Others focus on price, Advantage focuses on relationships."

If your company needs a gold standard managed service provider that considers you a partner rather than just another customer, get in touch with Advantage now by visiting

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