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BlackBerry at CES 2022 - announcements, updates, and video demos
Thu, 6th Jan 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

BlackBerry has made several announcements, and released updates and video demos at the CES 2022 tech event.

The announcements include a feature update to the automated software security insight tool, BlackBerry Jarvis, to help government vendors comply with the new Software Bill of Materials requirement driven by President Biden's executive order on improving US cybersecurity.

They also include a strategic collaboration with leading Chinese IoV technology service and product provider PATEO to deliver an integrated digital cockpit solution featuring the company's intelligent vehicle data platform, BlackBerry IVY, for the Chinese market. And a demo of BlackBerry IVY on auto-grade hardware with partner integrations from Amazon Web Services, HERE Technologies, Car IQ and Electra Vehicles.

The company also announced some new video demos, including an augmented reality overlay, viewed through a tablet, showing how QNX powers multiple different systems on the vehicle and how data generated from across the vehicle is processed, rationalised and transmitted to the cloud with BlackBerry IVY.

The videos also include the IVY demo, the first demo of BlackBerry IVY running on auto-grade hardware. "Due to COVID-19, we've taken car systems and a dashboard out of a car to show you a full demonstration of BlackBerry IVY in an open space," says BlackBerry.

The demo shows the power of BlackBerry IVY with one example use case that uses data from an actual car journey in Italy. The demo system runs Linux, Android and the QNX Hypervisor, as it would in a real car.  

The company also demonstrated how the Jarvis system runs and what it reports it provides when scanning an embedded system. BlackBerry Jarvis is an automated software security insight tool built to analyse embedded systems. Jarvis identifies each file within a software image to create the Software Bill of Materials and identifies potential security weaknesses.

"Even older in-car embedded systems consist of too many files targeting too many processor families," BlackBerry says. "It's just not possible to assess the security posture in these systems without automated tooling. Jarvis gives you lower false-positive rates and higher accuracy than other tools available in the market."

Key messages:

  • BlackBerry QNX powers multiple in-car systems (in 195M+ vehicles on the road today).
  • IVY helps make sense of the vast amount of data generated by cars now and in the future.
  • IVY makes software and cloud development for automakers more standardised and more scalable, and cost-effective.
  • IVY allows for easy integrations with multiple software partners.