15 Apr 2014
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Calling all MS Office organisations, time for training the team

The internationally acclaimed SonicPS Instant Learning Server (ILS) is a cutting edge solution designed to give management, employees and learners virtual help desk support and learning paths across the Microsoft product range.

The SonicPS ILS supports to three distinct market requirements; Businesses, E-Learning(education) and Resellers.

In fact, it’s a clever cloud based content server of video tutorials, learning bursts and full training courses on Microsoft Office, Windows, Lync and SharePoint 2010 & 2013 mapped to Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS) certification.

Once setup the ILS solution is cleverly integrated into the “Ribbon” of the Microsoft application, so that the user can quickly find the video tutorial (learning burst) wanted and watch it while still in the application and, complete the original task.

For Businesses

The answer is only a few clicks away - the user can get the answer they need and get back to work with minimal disruption – “Just in Time” learning.

Users can work on their document and watch the video side by side in the application.

Learning and “practicing in real time” increases productivity through the retention of knowledge.

When migrating to newer versions of Microsoft Office, the ILS accelerates the deployment thus eliminating the, need to call the help desk or disturb a co-worker.

For E-Learning (Education):

The SonicPS ILS provides a learning solution for all knowledge levels of Microsoft Office 10 and 13 applications, from beginners to experts.

Learn complete courses, learn chapter by chapter, and learn at the moment of need, in the classroom or remotely via most mobile devices. The efficiency model is similar to that of the business application.

For Resellers / Trainers:

SonicPS can also be purchased as a support tool for Microsoft Office users through retail, online or appointed agents.

This allows computer, notebook or other mobile device owners to quickly come to grips with complications experienced when adapting to new released product that they are unfamiliar with.

To try a FREE 15 day trial visit http://go.instantlearning.biz and register - use nUitn-5849b-z8XkR as the Demo Learning Key number.

Alternatively, email Grant Anderton of Sonic Performance Support here

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