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Circana launches Liquid Data Engage, a novel platform for retailers
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

Today, Circana, globally recognised as a key advisor on consumer behaviour complexity, announced the worldwide launch of its latest innovation: Liquid Data Engage. This groundbreaking all-in-one platform is specifically designed to address the pressing challenges faced by contemporary retailers and aid in their growth journey. Liquid Data Engage integrates market performance, category management, loyalty, supply chain, and retail media data assets into a single, user-friendly, and easily navigable platform.

"In an era marked by restricted resources and the rapid development of AI and machine learning, retailers are grappling with the complexity of securely integrating disparate data assets," said Justin Finney, APAC Retail Director at Circana. "Liquid Data Engage simplifies this process, emerging as a beacon for retailers struggling to navigate the intricacies of today's dynamic retail environment and enabling them to face such challenges head-on."

Liquid Data Engage represents the future of retail analytics, making the integration and decision-making processes simpler and faster. This innovative solution offers on-demand analytics with best-practice reports and integrated workflows readily available. With this technology, retailers can save precious time identifying issues and focus on implementing solutions.

The platform's unified data integration feature integrates diverse retailer datasets and ensures consistent understanding with automated guidance powered by Circana's Unify+ Genius Script. Offering a turn-key solution, it provides standard data inputs for swift implementation. The user-friendly and seamless interface enhances team collaboration, promoting a cohesive analytical and strategic planning environment.

Fulfilling the inevitable need for business growth, Liquid Data Engage offers effortless scaling. It allows retailers to upgrade by adding modules and services, eliminating the hassle and cost of re-platforming. Starting with high-level business performance, the solution delves into every aspect of a retailer's decision-making process for collaboration, insights, targeting, activation, and execution.

"Our commitment to empowering retailers emerges from our extensive experience working with top retailers globally," said Brad Shelton, President of Collaborative Gateway Solutions at Circana. "We've drawn from this invaluable experience to develop Liquid Data Engage, an innovative yet simple and easy-to-use solution for all retailers."

The Liquid Data Engage is accessible through Circana's intuitive Unify+ software, ensuring standardized reporting for a seamless and collaborative user experience. With just three clicks, retailers can conduct a guided analysis process, focusing more on actioning solutions rather than identifying problems.