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Cloudera unveils enterprise data cloud platform
Thu, 26th Sep 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Cloudera has unveiled its new integrated data platform, designed to deliver self-services analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

According to the company, the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) provides enterprise IT with the ability to deliver analytics as a service to the business in any cloud environment, while providing rich data security and lineage capabilities that minimise risk.

"CDP is a new approach to enterprise data that delivers a full range of analytic capabilities from the Edge to AI," explains Mick Hollison, chief marketing officer at Cloudera.

Hollison says CDP is different from other data platforms and analytics services in four important ways:
1. Any cloud – CDP provides maximum choice and flexibility with the option to manage, analyse, and experiment with data on-premises, in hybrid, private cloud, and multiple public cloud environments.
2. Multi-function – CDP reduces the time and effort to deploy common application types with five new self-service experiences: flow - streaming, data engineering, data warehouse, operational database, and machine learning.
3. Secure and Governed – CDP simplifies security, privacy, and compliance for diverse enterprise data on any cloud through shared data experience (SDX) technologies. 
4. Open – CDP is 100% open source, open compute, open storage and open for integration – enabling rapid innovation and protecting organisations from vendor lock-in.

Arun C. Murthy, chief product officer at Cloudera, says CDP enables IT to embrace hybrid data architectures and set up cloud data lakes with enterprise-grade security and governance, in hours instead of days or weeks.

“Business users get cloud-native, easy-to-use multi-function analytics satisfying their need for speed and agility," he says.

New Services Now Available on Cloudera Data Platform:

With Cloudera Data Platform, enterprises can easily manage data anywhere, from on-premises to public and hybrid clouds, with common security, governance, and metadata. New cloud-based services provide self-service access to data and analytic functions for business analysts, data scientists, IT and developers that are secure by design.

As part of the launch, Cloudera is unveiling three new cloud services that will help enterprise IT “Say Yes” to the
1. Cloudera Data Warehouse – A cloud-native service that makes it fast and easy to deploy data warehouses for teams of business analysts with secure, self service access to enterprise data.
2. Cloudera Machine learning – A cloud-native service that makes it fast and easy to deploy collaborative machine learning workspaces for teams of data scientists with secure, self-service access to enterprise data.
3. Cloudera Data Hub – A cloud-native data management and analytics service that makes it fast and easy for IT and developers to build custom business applications that support a diverse set of use cases with secure, self-service access to enterprise data.

"With access to these new best-in-class services, we believe that businesses can maximise the value from their data and transform complex data into clear, actionable insights," adds Hollison.