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Concentric AI granted new patent for data security
Fri, 16th Jun 2023

Concentric AI has been awarded a patent for its pioneering approach to data security.

The patent, titled “Method and Electronic Device for Generating Semantic Representation of Document using Large Language Models to Determine Data Security Risk,” showcases Concentric AI’s leadership in the DSPM space and its advances harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies to better address the data security needs of organisations.

This patent describes Concentric AI’s unique approach to “understand” the context and content of every data record to inform and strengthen the security posture. It details the generation of a document-level semantic representation utilising Large Language Models (LLMs), specifically deep-learning models. These representations, called embeddings, are analysed to determine whether a document’s security posture is aligned with other similar documents, and how it should be secured. 

According to Gartner, “Foundation models (which are mostly large language models) are designed to replace task-specific models. Foundation models represent a huge step change in the field of artificial intelligence, due to their massive pretraining and significant improvements in accuracy across a variety of tasks.” 

Existing tools largely ignore content and rely on metadata information such as the folder, document’s author, and document name to infer if a document might contain sensitive or important information. 

At best, the tools provide functionality to look for regex matches to predefined patterns. On the other hand, Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence is a comprehensive data security solution that utilises advanced deep learning technology to protect both structured and unstructured data, as well as email, messaging text and attachments. 

Developed with extensive domain expertise, its deep learning model captures and builds upon the collective wisdom of Concentric AI’s massive dataset and a growing community of data owners, enabling it to identify and categorise data based on its true meaning and sensitivity.

“The popularity of models such as GPT-3 has attracted the attention of CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and data and analytics leaders, who are looking to exploit their potential for business use cases,” says Karthik Krishnan, Founder and CEO, Concentric AI. 

“Being the only company to leverage Large Language Models gives Concentric AI the advantage in enabling organisations to protect their data with unmatched contextual understanding, all in an accurate and efficient manner needed to address today’s complex and ever-growing data environments and their associated security risks. 

"These models allow enterprises to move past regex or pattern-based discovery of sensitive data to understand semantic meaning at unmatched efficiency while maintaining high accuracy and minimal false positives and false negatives.”

This patent is the first in a series of patent disclosures that underlies Concentric AI’s DSPM solution available in the market today. LLMs have garnered wide attention in the past several months because of GPT and ChatGPT. Concentric AI’s Semantic Intelligence was the industry’s first product to leverage the power of LLMs to drive real value for clients by improving their data security posture, enabling it to analyse the entire content and capture the semantic meaning of each data record.

“Our newly patented method furthers Concentric AI’s market lead by enabling our solution to understand the context and content of customers’ data better than competing solutions,” says Krishnan.

“Being granted this patent validates our unique method of discovering and categorising sensitive data and shows that our technology backs up our messaging. We have an innovative product with a great engineering team that has now been validated, recognising our pioneering efforts as we continue to innovate and lead the market with our category-defining product.”

Concentric AI’s DSPM solution scans organisations’ data, detects sensitive or business critical content, identifies the most appropriate classification category, and automatically tags the data. Concentric AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve discovery and classification accuracy and efficiency to avoid endless regex rules and inaccurate end user labelling. 

In addition, Concentric AI can monitor and autonomously identify risk to financial and other data from inappropriate permissioning, wrong entitlements, risky sharing, and unauthorised access. It can automatically remediate permissions and sharing issues or leverage other security solutions and cloud APIs to quickly and continuously protect exposed data.