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Crime does pay... to the tune of $2.5m for Wynyard

03 Jul 2014

Wynyard Group has entered into an agreement with an existing Asia Pacific justice sector customer, allowing the customer to expand the use of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics across new serious crime typologies.

According to a company announcement on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, the conditional contract will deliver revenue of $2.5 million over the initial contract term.

Managing Director Craig Richardson says the company is continuing to see its advanced crime analytics platform land and quickly expand in use across its government and financial services customers.

“Our clients frequently start by solving a specific crime problem," he says. "But, the power of bringing together big data, crime solving analytics and putting our tool in the hands of front-line investigators and intelligence analysts is very quickly recognised as shifting the balance in the fight against crime.”

Wynyard has secured a strong position in the high-growth advanced crime analytics category with an award-winning, powerful hard-to-copy software platform and Richardson said the company is now the market leader in Advanced Crime Analytics for the Asia Pacific region.

“Wynyard helps more than 30 Asia Pacific justice, law enforcement, customs and national security agency customers," he adds.

"These agencies are collectively responsible for the safety and well-being of some 652 million citizens in the Asia Pacific region.

"The opportunity is to help these agencies solve and prevent crime in the future by expanding the use of our products across front-line users and other agencies.”

According to Richardson, Wynyard is increasing its focus on securing larger government customers through deeper relationships that provide greater expansion opportunities for its crime fighting technology.