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Fuji Xerox’s flagship printer offering infinite possibilities

04 Apr 2019

In a market that some would say has peaked in innovation, it’s encouraging to see Fuji Xerox bucking the trend with its flagship production printer.

Known as the Iridesse Production Press, the printing innovation from Fuji Xerox offers a number of industry-firsts to provide businesses with the capability to make a solid difference and gain a competitive advantage.

The Iridesse features an unprecedented six dry ink types (going beyond the basic Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), enabling printers to experiment with metallic, white and clear layers to create incredible new digital print applications.

This dry-ink technology brings a new universe of creative applications for graphic arts and print, with metallics, white and clear layers now possible for the first time in a digital print engine. Print jobs that were previously only possible to accomplish via expensive offset printing can now be done digitally, opening the possibilities of things like variable data printing and short print runs.

What this means is users can benefit from all the advantages of digital printing technology (variable data printing, output speed, and low costs) combined with the beauty and possibilities of six-ink printing.

Put simply, the Iridesse opens up a new era for the printing business with capabilities never thought possible.

For example, the Iridesse is capable of producing prints with various colour tones such as those of seashells or dragonfly wings that change with the light variance, the sight direction, and the viewing point.

Click here to find out more about Fuji Xerox's Iridesse.

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