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Groundcover launches bespoke observability platform inCloud for enterprise use
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

Groundcover has introduced inCloud, a state-of-the-art, bespoke backend observability platform crafted specifically for cloud-native environments. Backed by advanced technologies like ClickHouse and VictoriaMetrics, it offers a fully managed, enterprise-grade observability storage and data privacy infrastructure for logs, metrics, and traces. The platform keeps all observability data within the client's cloud infrastructure, giving them total control over its retention.

Observability solutions today present companies with a choice between exposing sensitive data and incurring potentially large and unpredictable data volume-related costs by selecting a managed third-party solution or building and relying on a maintenance-heavy, self-hosted open-source stack with subpar user experience. Groundcover's new offering, inCloud, seeks to address this predicament by providing customers with on-premise and private data plane separation alongside a remote control plane for secure data source access and infrastructure management.

This unique approach enables inCloud to support any scale, substantially reduce network and storage costs and set a flat price for any volume of logs, metrics, or traces. Groundcover's innovation, inCloud, provides a fully managed service within the client's cloud environment, supporting efficient deployment, resource tuning, disaster recovery, and guaranteed availability. It further leverages additional cloud provider services like cloud storage, managed Kubernetes services, virtual private cloud networks, and load balancers to establish a sturdy and scalable environment.

Groundcover also automates health monitoring, security patching, and scaling. Furthermore, access to inCloud is securely controlled through the cloud provider's in-built access federation features, with specific roles and permissions set up to allow the groundcover control plane to manage resources effectively while maintaining strict security principles. Groundcover's inCloud ensures that the operational burdens of installing and maintaining an observability solution on-premise are significantly reduced.

From a broader perspective, taking care of every element, from infrastructure provisioning to continuous maintenance, is managed by groundcover. As a result, it delivers an enterprise-grade solution, quickly minimising the operational difficulties associated with installing and maintaining an on-premise observability solution.

Specifically designed to combine the perks of an on-premise deployment and the simplicity offered by SaaS solutions, inCloud has emerged as the only solution on the market with such capabilities. Currently supported on AWS and GCP, the platform's launch marks a significant advancement in groundcover's endeavour to revolutionise the cloud-native application performance monitoring domain with eBPF.

Launched in 2021, groundcover is built for modern production environments. It enables teams to monitor instantly everything they build and run in the cloud without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale. Founded by Shahar Azulay (previously ML Manager, Apple) and Yechezkel Rabinovich (previously Chief Architect, CyberMDX). The two served together in an elite cyber unit in the Israeli Prime Minister's office, where they dealt with frustration caused by APM issues. The company has raised USD $24.5 million to date from VCs such as Zeev Ventures, Angular Ventures, Heavybit and Jibe Ventures.