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HID & Olea Kiosks merge for advanced facial recognition solutions
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

HID, a global leader in trusted identity solutions, has joined forces with self-service kiosk solution provider Olea Kiosks to introduce a revolutionary user experience in access control and user authentication across multiple industries.

The collaboration will accommodate the burgeoningly indispensable facial recognition technology (FRT) in Hancock Identification Displays' (HID) U.ARE.U Camera Identification System into Olea's hyper-modular kiosk designs. This innovative integration aims to address the increasing demand for customisable and flexible identity verification and authentication systems in various industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, government, transportation, and the hospitality sector.

HID's FRT and Olea's versatile kiosks provide users with security and convenience for countless access and verification scenarios. This revolutionary blend ensures rapid and accurate verification, presenting an effective solution to applications that need to manage high throughput. The system authenticates and validates an individual's identity within seconds, reducing queuing time significantly.

The user-friendly design requires just a glance at the camera to securely capture a facial image for seamless identity verification. It's both secure and convenient; facial characteristics offer indisputable proof of identity and presence to prevent fraud, while the individual's face replaces ID cards, pins, and passwords, eliminating the chance of loss or theft.

Emphasising ethics, hygiene, and health, HID's AI-powered system requires no human intervention. It promises a contactless and sanitary method to authenticate identities, thereby minimising the risk of exposure to health hazards linked to shared touchpoints. The system's outstanding features have drawn high praise from Olea for their top-ranking performance, accuracy, anti-bias AI training, and robust security and privacy measures. 

Olea's HYPERMODULAR kiosk design is responsive to the market's needs for flexible, customisable kiosks. It can accommodate HID's leading facial recognition camera and other devices such as fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners, ticket and ID document readers, RFID readers, and card printers, making it the ideal choice for the security and access control space.

The union of HID's facial recognition system and Olea's kiosks paves the way for numerous self-service check-in and authentication applications. Some prospective uses range from healthcare patient check-in and registration, managing personal data, documenting insurance/ID cards, retail and hospitality self-checkout, ATM verification in banking, passenger self-check-in at airports, and border crossings.

With these innovative HID-Olea Kiosks now available in the market, industries can redefine access control and enhance the user authentication experience. It combines the convenience of self-service and the security of advanced AI-driven facial recognition technology into a user-friendly application.

Both companies are influential in the dynamic landscape of authentication and transaction solutions. HID is headquartered in Austin, Texas, while Olea Kiosks is based in Los Angeles, California. With over 4,500 employees worldwide and international offices supporting 100+ countries, HID is a powerhouse in secure access and identity management. Their diverse clientele includes Connect&Go, Accesso, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Subway, and CLEAR. Meanwhile, Olea Kiosks has established its presence in 50+ major airports, amusement parks, and premier stadiums across all five major U.S. sports leagues.

Despite their geographical separation, both companies share a global impact, intertwining seamlessly wherever high-volume authentications and transactions are paramount, shaping the future of secure interactions on a grand scale.