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How Philips IT solutions are reinventing healthcare

13 Oct 18

Constant innovation and new technology implementations means every day healthcare seems to take a step forward with nothing impeding its progress.

However, according to Philips there is still a long way to go as even the most advanced healthcare networks can be more integrated and prepared for the future.

For example, systems need to leverage and inform each other. Data needs to be available when and where decisions are made. Monitoring needs to be automated and connected across hospital and home. And technological innovation needs to put people at the centre.

However, as healthcare becomes more complex and connected, the amount of data surges exponentially and can be overwhelming. When you throw in interoperability issues as well then it’s no real surprise that often too little of this data is analysed or even properly collected.

This is when Philips comes in. The company’s goal is to help create scalable and interoperable health information management solutions that seamlessly connect data, technology, and people across the care continuum.

Philips can work with existing infrastructure and beyond to collate the data from across an organisation and throughout the care chain to provide a more informed view of the patient.

What’s more, the company can help underlay adaptive intelligence into hospital systems to enable a better leverage of the collective knowledge within and unlock insights. Given its open architecture, this actionable information is available at the fingertips of those who need it, when they need it.

The company is confident its adaptive intelligence capabilities can make an organisation’s investments work harder by optimising care pathways, workflows, and asset management for improved operational and financial efficiency.

The result is less waste, better use of resources, better outcomes, and improved staff satisfaction.

And then finally, healthcare is about more than just what goes on at hospital facilities. With millions of connected healthcare devices across hospital and home, Philips can help seamlessly extend healthcare beyond the four walls of the system into lower acuity care settings.

This results in clinicians obtaining a more complete and uninterrupted picture of patient health to aid in closing care gaps and reducing risks, improving the efficiency of the network and enabling smarter ways to provide the right care in the right place at the right time, with the end result being reduced costs and hospital stays.

Philips has an apt line to sum it up – “Today’s health knows no bounds, neither should healthcare.”

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