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How voice solutions can help the transition to remote work

Mon, 6th Apr 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With improving technology and availability of high-speed, reliable internet, the world has been slowly – but surely – transitioning to remote working for years. The arrival of COVID-19 has sped that up, and businesses that once thought they had plenty of time to set themselves up for remote work are suddenly scrambling as physical businesses are shut and we are forced to stay in our homes.

Apart from the typical tools for remote work – a computer, internet, and a large mug of coffee – sits a tool that is less recognised but just as powerful: internet voice solutions.

Often referred to as VoIP (voice over internet protocol), these solutions are simply ways to make voice calls using the internet. They are flexible and scalable, give you total visibility and control over your calling costs, and don't require costly hardware or maintenance.

VoIP offers these advantages – and more – during times of normal operation. But when workers have no choice but to work remotely, these voice solutions can play critical roles in helping businesses continue functioning.

Pick up and go

Heard of “plug and play”? Now you can plug and work. VoIP systems allow you to simply take your VoIP-enabled phone home from the office, plug it into your home router, and you're good to go. Employees only need an active internet connection at home (fibre is recommended) and they will then be connected via a Cloud PABX, allowing them to make and receive calls just like they were in the office.

Staying in touch

The ease of bringing your office phones home means businesses can maintain their usual methods of voice communication with customers, suppliers, and staff. You don't have to reroute calls, temporarily change contact numbers, or cease calls altogether. Your business can continue using the same phone numbers customers and employees are familiar with, and you don't risk anyone being unable to get in touch.

Keeping customers informed

Due to their cloud-based nature, VoIP users can make changes to their systems from anywhere, such as changing callflows, updating outgoing customer messages, changing office hours or office holidays, and updating customer menu options. Not only can customers continue calling the same numbers they are used to, but businesses can relay important or timely information as the first thing customers hear after dialling. For instance, perhaps during this time your business has reduced hours; you can change the recording to announce this as soon as customers ring you.

Flexible working

For times when staff may be away from their computers for long periods, VoIP users can easily and quickly redirect calls to mobiles, ensuring no important calls are missed. Redirecting calls often incurs some additional costs, so make sure you consult with your VoIP experts to ensure you're using the most effective method.

Reduced hardware

Staff working remotely can also use their VoIP solutions with softphones, which is software that mimics phone hardware. This reduces cost on hardware; but more importantly, employees can utilise this if they are unable to return to their office to get their desk phone by simply logging into the softphone on their computer.

Installation options

VoIP solutions can be fully deployed remotely with pre-configured hardware, allowing users to plug it in and set it up at home themselves following detailed instructions. Systems without hardware – soft phones – can also be fully deployed remotely.

For those who may not have time to do it themselves – or prefer to leave it to the experts – VoIP systems can also be installed by an on-site technician, who will take care of the installation, set-up, and walk you through usage instructions.

Getting VoIP during COVID-19

As an essential service, telco companies are working through the lockdown to keep customers connected. Voyager Internet can fully deploy VoIP solutions completely remotely, whether you want hardware or softphones. Our experts will pre-configure your VoIP-enabled hardware and ship it to you via courier (another essential service). From there, you'd simply plug it in and you're good to go. Alternatively, we can deploy softphone VoIP remotely as well. No technician visits required!

If you haven't got the time, or if you prefer to have a professional install your system, Voyager is still able to send technicians to site in certain instances during the lockdown. There are criteria and restrictions around this, so talk to our experts for the best approach.

All Voyager VoIP solutions come fully equipped with all the essential information you need to use and get the most out of them. And if you need any help or have questions, Voyager's tech support is available from 8am-10pm, 7 days a week, with a dedicated business helpdesk.

Chat with one of the experts at Voyager on 0800 4 SPEED to see which solution is the best fit for you, or find out more about Voyager Voice here.

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