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Increased demand for cloud computing as organisations look to achieve business continuity - Aruba
Wed, 29th Jul 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Companies looking to secure business continuity through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has resulted in an increase in demand for cloud computing services, according to Aruba.

During the global lockdown, various sectors relied on cloud and data center services to achieve a strong and reliable infrastructure to support the surge in demand from employees and customers.

"As the lockdown lifts, businesses around the world are adapting to new ways of working and Aruba Enterprise is supporting the continued shift to cloud infrastructure," the company says.

"Aruba Enterprise has worked with customers from multiple industries to provide a cloud infrastructure that supports remote working and the digitalisation of processes.

"With a large number of businesses looking to adapt quickly to a change in working procedures, Aruba Enterprise worked with its customers to enhance their ability to operate as a digital enterprise," the company explains.

"The Aruba Enterprise cloud infrastructure provides users with a highly flexible and customisable platform that provides businesses with the services they require to optimise their processes."

According to Aruba, the increase in remote working has also created a focus on cyber security for all businesses.

Through its virtualised cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services, together with dedicated appliance-based backup infrastructure, Aruba Enterprise has been able to offer practical technical measures to boost IT infrastructure security.

"With many years' experience in the management of large-scale cloud projects and services, Aruba has been trusted by 200,000 cloud customers in 150 countries to ensure business continuity and meet the security needs of today's businesses," it says.

There has also been an increase in demand for online identification and certification digital services, such as digital signatures or remote digital signatures.

"These technologies play a key role in streamlining and optimising internal processes through dematerialisation, helping organisations cut waste and save both time and resources. For example, with the Aruba Enterprise digital signing book solution, businesses can access digitised documents remotely, reduce the time needed to approve applications and significantly improve organisational efficiency."

Massimo Bandinelli, Aruba Enterprise marketing manager, says the global pandemic has created a shift to remote working and operations, and Aruba has been working with companies to provide business continuity during this time.

“We have provided our extensive IT experience to act as a qualified partner for businesses in any sector, however big or small, and have worked with them to provide the most effective service and approach to cloud computing that best meets their specific needs," he says.

"The IT landscape has changed vastly in 2020, and we are dedicated to supporting businesses and working with them to provide the most reliable infrastructure and services.