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Informatica introduces AI-powered cloud data access tool
Mon, 4th Mar 2024

Good news for data governance: Informatica, a technology company known for its data management solutions, is launching an innovative new tool called Informatica Cloud Data Access Management (CDAM). This cutting-edge, AI-powered solution is the first of its kind in the industry, aimed at revolutionising the way organisations manage, share and use their data.

CDAM has its origins in Informatica's 2023 acquisition of Privitar, an industry leader in comprehensive data access management products. Now fully integrated into the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), Informatica's flagship data management platform, the product is poised to be instrumental in data access governance, bolstered by IDMC's common metadata foundation.

One of CDAM's core advantages lies in its ability to promote compliance with policies, fostering customer trust by ensuring data privacy and security. Its seamless integration with IDMC enables secure and automated AI and analytics usage. Moreover, the CLAIRE AI engine embedded in CDAM underscores the solution's strength, offering high-quality business and technical metadata via automatic data classification. With this tool, data teams can firmly govern data access, offering a secure, private, yet readily accessible data ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Cloud Data Access Management solution offers intuitive policy authoring to simplify data access management across the enterprise. The solution leverages the CLAIRE AI engine to automatically classify sensitive data such as personal records, personally identifiable information and financial records across large datasets. It also integrates fully with Cloud Data Integration and Cloud Data Marketplace for automated, contextual controls on data usage and sharing, enhancing security, privacy, and data management.

In terms of benefits, CDAM accelerates access to trusted data, generating innovation and competitive advantage. Its implementation reduces the cost of compliance and minimises the risk of data misuse. It streamlines controls on data across complex hybrid data operations and automates self-service data access from hundreds of data sources.

"We've heard directly from data leaders, and 40% of them have stated data privacy, protection and compliance are their top challenges when managing their data strategy priorities," said Jitesh S Ghai, Chief Product Officer at Informatica. "To address these needs, we are excited to launch our Cloud Data Access Management as part of a holistic data access and governance solution on IDMC."

CDAM combines data access control with classification, discovery, and cataloguing tools, utilising metadata to automate processes. In effect, this streamlines operations in data-driven organisations, making them more proficient and scalable. As a result, tasks are simplified and accelerated, enhancing the overall efficiency of the data management process.