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Kiwi based e-commerce company continues global growth

Transaction Services Group (TSG), Australasia’s leading payment solution provider comprising Debitsuccess, FFA Paysmart and DFC, has acquired UK-based direct debit billing provider Harlands Group, further expanding the company’s international operations.

TSG CEO Craig Marshall says the acquisition is aligned with the organisation’s focused growth strategy.

Terms of the deal will see TSG collect approximately $2 billion of collections per annum across two million customers worldwide via its stable of companies – Debitsuccess and FFA Paysmart in Australasia, and UK based DFC and Harlands Group.

“This move further builds our capacity and capability in international markets, particularly in a region that is seeing substantial growth in recurring payments and related solutions,” Marshall adds.

“It is a great fit for both businesses with our strong customer service ethos and extensive direct debit expertise in both bank account and card transactions.”

Located in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, Harlands Group provides business process outsourcing with particular expertise in direct debit and collections management.

The business develops and implements a range of outsourcing solutions for many leading UK and European gym chains.

Mark Collison, joint Managing Director, Harlands Group says the acquisition will open new doors for both parties.

“We are looking forward to working with Transaction Services Group – and we are excited about the strategic, operations and sales opportunities this new partnership will offer,” he adds.

Kevin Scott, joint Managing Director, Harlands Group agrees: “This association will see a number of benefits – from support at a governance and executive level to further enhancing the value of our operations.”

Last year TSG acquired another UK direct debit company, Milton Keynes-based DFC, which provides services to many of the independent gym operators and local authorities (trusts) such as YMCAs. Both Harlands Group and DFC will continue to operate as independent entities in the market.

Marshall explains these acquisitions support TSG’s move to significantly expand its international reach.

“We are excited to further expand our offerings – Harlands Group is a strong operational and cultural fit, with skills in consulting, technology and outsourced service provision,” he adds.

“Our teams will work together to help increase both growth and profitability across the entire business.

“This move is a key component on our roadmap for growth and will see our wider business initiate more than 36 million transactions worldwide each year.”

The evolving success of TSG supports the subscription economy – a business model that is increasingly being used by organisations of all sizes to secure reliable cash flow.

It is where customers pay for goods and services through regular instalments, rather than a large lump sum.

“The subscription economy is revolutionising the way organisations collect recurring payments and we are proud to be leading the charge,” Marshall adds.

“Driven by customer demand for convenience and flexibility, recurring payment models are being embraced by businesses of all genres to grow sales and deepen customer loyalty.

“The challenge for the future continues to be maintaining our clear focus around delivering the highest quality of service to our clients and their customers as the company evolves and expands on both national and international stages.”

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