20 Jun 2012
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Learning server looks for NZ organisation for trial

How many times have you or your employees been sent on software training for Microsoft Office, that has been quickly forgotten. Now you want to actually create a pivot table, you can't find the training manual either. A German based solution is about to be launched in NZ to solve this very predicament.

It's what the company is calling an Instant Learning Server (ILS). In reality it's a clever cloud or premises based content server, that is jam packed with video tutorials about a particular piece of software. The logical software is Microsoft Office 2010 which seems to be the most ubiquitous software. Once setup the ILS solution is cleverly integrated into your Office installation, so that you can quickly find the video tutorial you want, watch it and complete the original task.
While there are lot's of bell's and whistles like the ability to upload your own video content for inhouse training use or watch the video's in a number of languages, it's a straight forward proposition which has been elegantly developed.
Organisations can buy outright the content bank and software, rent it or lease to buy it. With pricing approximately $14,000 for 50 users lifetime usage, it's not expensive either (especially compared with class based training).
If your interested in being one of the first organisations in NZ to utilise the free trial contact Grant Anderton of Sonic Performance Support on 021 135 8917 or email him here.

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