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Microsoft NZ: A year of reinvention

Over the past year, as the world has continued to pursue lives and workplaces with greater connectedness and mobility, Microsoft has equally set itself upon a path of reinvention.

The way that people consume technology has evolved. From the time when our vision was a ‘PC on every desk and in every home’, to the multiple screens and devices that people manage in their lives, our technology puts people at the heart of the experience.

New Zealanders are without doubt some of the smartest, most connected citizens on the planet, and as a people we are true competitors on a global scale, frequently punching above our weight in both productivity and innovation – and it’s not just Lorde with her two Grammys!

Microsoft New Zealand’s vision for its business is closely aligned with this perception. We are a company of some 200+ Kiwis who want what is best for New Zealand.

We are passionate about driving innovation, education and our local partner network to grow New Zealand businesses, connect Kiwis to what matters to them, and compete on the world stage.

Compared to other countries, Kiwis are adopting our Office 365 and Azure cloud services at a much faster rate along with new devices like Xbox One, Surface and Windows Phone growing triple digits year on year.

However, for a business to remain competitive and increase success, innovation cannot be an occasional exercise. It’s a state of mind, a way of life, a philosophy that must underpin all business activities. Microsoft was built on such a principle from its very beginning, and like New Zealand does today, prides itself as a leader in innovation, with the track record to prove it.

In a world where people are constantly attuned to the latest technological developments for enhancing their lives and business, Microsoft is taking the lead in innovating for effective solutions that will continue to build on New Zealand’s track record of success now and into the future.

The world will continue to change, and this is the key driver behind our transformation into a Devices and Cloud Services company. The majority of our $9B R&D budget is focused on Devices and Services and as the pending acquisition of Nokia demonstrates, we are making deep investments where we see opportunity to grow.

As we remain always connected to the things that matter most to us, be that at work, at home or on the go, Microsoft will connect you to the things that matter through a range of beautiful, simple devices powered through consumer and business cloud services.

The last five years have seen some unprecedented shifts in the global economy, which to this day present challenges for any company looking for growth, let alone one with as much of a global reach as Microsoft.

Microsoft is transforming its offering through leadership in the following areas: striving to attract and develop the best people, having a clear vision of the future, ensuring we listen more to our partners and customers whilst having the tenacity to lead by innovation. We’re also responding much faster to changes and taking decisions quickly when we’ve got it wrong.

Any business that’s asking the question ‘Why go Microsoft?’ should know that we are not resting on the successes of years gone by. We are looking ahead to another year of growth where we are competing in the increasingly diverse space for devices, and committing to enhancing our presence in the consumer, business and education sectors.

Through a combination of technology solutions delivered by our Kiwi partners (some 2,000 strong), and our public-private partnerships, Microsoft can help NZ public and private sector businesses improve productivity levels, improve service delivery and provide their staff with tools they’ll love to use every day.

Why go Microsoft? The answer is clear.