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Microsoft reveals Windows RT partners

15 Aug 2012

Microsoft has announced four manufacturers will offer Windows RT PCs, along with further details regarding product features.

The software maker revealed Samsung, Dell, ASUS and Lenovo will all pioneer the hardware, accompanying the in-house designed Microsoft Surface for Windows RT.

Microsoft’s announcement confirms the omission of HP, Toshiba and Acer from the agreement, with the devices available from October 26.

“Since RTM on August 1, PC manufacturers have been using the released software to ready new PCs designed for Windows 8,” says Mike Angiulo, the vice president of our Ecosystem and Planning team.

“Collectively, we are all very excited by the innovation and creativity that will arrive in market this October

“Our engineering collaboration has been better than ever as we work to bring better performance, reliability, and battery life to new PCs designed for Windows 8.”

In the Microsoft blog post, Windows president Steven Sinofsky detailed new configurations for the device.

“You can expect to see everything from ultra-thin sleek designs with stunning high-resolution displays, to beautifully designed All-In-One PCs with large immersive displays complete with touch, to high-power towers rocking multiple graphics cards and high-performance storage arrays,” he says.

“In addition, this broad range of PCs will provide price and feature combinations that allow every customer to find a PC that fits their needs and lifestyle perfectly.

“We are particularly excited about the new low power x86 Windows 8 PCs that will take advantage of Intel’s SoC platform innovations to provide an always on and always connected experience (known as connected standby).

“All of these Windows RT PCs will have consistent fast and fluid touch interactions, long battery life, connected standby, and are beautiful, thin, and light designs.”

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