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New Relic releases new infrastructure monitoring experience
Thu, 17th Feb 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

New Relic has announced the general availability of a new infrastructure monitoring experience to allow DevOps, SRE, and ITOps teams to proactively identify and resolve public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure issues.

The company says the new experience lets engineers immediately isolate bottlenecks by filtering and sorting based on golden signal conditions, analyse all related telemetry (including logs, events, alerts, network, etc.) in context, visualise blast radius with topology maps and perform historical analysis to understand cascading impacts. The experience is included as an essential part of the all-in-one New Relic One observability platform.

"Detecting, investigating, and resolving infrastructure performance incidents has never been more challenging," says New Relic CEO, Bill Staples.

"First, there has been an exponential increase in the complexity of infrastructure to monitor as more than 40% (according to a Gartner report) of all enterprise workloads have moved to private, public, hybrid and edge cloud infrastructure."

"Second, with over 90% of enterprises using Kubernetes (CNCF - New Relic joint report), a large portion of the infrastructure is now ephemeral, resulting in tens of thousands of components that are not feasible to monitor without modern observability," he says.

"Last, infrastructure isn't just ITOps responsibility, all engineers are required to be self-sufficient in debugging infrastructure-specific issues, and 72% of engineers (New Relics 2021 Observability Forecast) still toggle between at least two tools to monitor the health of their systems, with 13% using ten or more tools."

He says New Relic Infrastructure monitoring capabilities address these three key issues, delivering a modern all-in-one experience that helps all engineers troubleshoot complex distributed infrastructure.

"Our mission is to help every engineer do their best work based on data, not opinions," adds Staples. "With this announcement, we're proud to empower all DevOps, SRE and ITOps engineers with a brand-new experience to monitor, debug and improve their cloud and edge infrastructure."

Bob Damato, senior director of Software Engineering at Cox Automotive, says, "When we troubleshoot our infrastructure, we want to focus on specific components. New Relic gives us the ability to quickly filter our environment using tags, golden metrics, and so much more. We're thrilled New Relic offers this level of functionality."

New Relics infrastructure monitoring experience delivers five key capabilities:

  • Isolate bottlenecks view and action on queries, such as show the hosts where CPU utilisation is greater than 80% by filtering and sorting tens of thousands of infrastructure components based on golden signal conditions.
  • Access all context Analyse related entities, change telemetry, logs, alerts, events, golden signals, network metrics, and more, all in context and in a unified experience to identify the root cause and initiate issue resolution.
  • Visualise blast radius, View upstream and downstream dependencies of bottleneck components using topology maps to quantify an incident's true extent and impact.
  • Time travel analysis Go back in time to see health status changes and cascading performance impacts on topology maps using the Timewarp module in the topology maps.