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Radware unveils latest version of AI-based Bot Manager
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

Radware, the provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, has announced the introduction of a new version of its Radware Bot Manager equipped with advanced AI-based protections. Its aim is to enhance the end-user experience and support the demands of corporate security teams by proactively and effectively mitigating the impact of AI-driven, human-like bots without impeding genuine users.

"The Radware Bot Manager is geared up to combat AI with AI," stated Gabi Malka, the company's Chief Operating Officer. He explained that hackers are using generative AI tools to develop and debug previously unseen scripts within minutes to initiate bot attacks which emulate bona fide human traffic to evade detection. "Radware Bot Manager is designed to offer automated defence against these complicated attacks, safeguarding the end-user experience and assisting in mitigating substantial business impacts, such as customer churn, low conversion rates, fines, and revenue losses."

Bot attacks driven by significant volumes of AI are overtaxing application infrastructures by sidestepping standard bot management solutions that rely on known signatures, CAPTCHAs, and rate limiting for their defence systems. Bad bots, which represent nearly a third of today's internet traffic, scrape website content without permission, steal data, take over accounts, and commit fraud, amongst other malicious activities.

Radware's automated AI-based Bot Manager employs a three-pronged proactive approach to protection to deliver comprehensive application security. This includes preemptive protection, which blocks undesirable IPs and identities using Radware's proprietary technology, such as the company's unique AI-based Correlation Engine, iOS and Android device attestation for mobile apps, and new advanced behind-the-scenes identity challenges for web applications.

Behavioural-based detection also forms part of the approach, utilising AI and intent-based detection algorithms to detect zero-day bot scripts, sophisticated distributed attacks, and human-like bots. New product features for spotting IP and ID Rotators, HTTP Header Anomalies, CAPTCHA Farms, and Distributed Traffic Anomalies are also provided.

The advanced mitigation techniques offered include innovative CAPTCHA-less crypto challenges based on blockchain algorithms and real-time, AI-based signature generation for granular and highly accurate protection.

The Radware Bot Manager forms a component of the company's Cloud Application Protection Service, an all-in-one platform offering comprehensive application protection, which also includes the company's leading web application firewall and API, client-side, and application-layer DDoS protection. The solution is designed to deliver the highest level of application protection with minimal false positives by combining end-to-end automation, behavioural-based detection, and round-the-clock managed services.

A recognized market leader in cybersecurity, Radware has been acknowledged by reputable industry analysts such as Aite-Novarica Group, Forrester Research, Gartner, GigaOm, KuppingerCole, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions and won many awards for its application and network security solutions.