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Rediscover Microsoft at the New Zealand SharePoint conference

02 Apr 2013

Set to take place in Auckland in mid-April, the New Zealand SharePoint conference offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments on this widely-used Microsoft web application platform.

Among the keynote speakers are Redmond-based Microsoft SharePoint product manager John Hormaechea, who reveals that delegates will learn much about the many developments undertaken by the company through 2012.

“Microsoft has achieved a significant amount of technical advancement in recent months, not only in SharePoint, but across its product portfolio,” says Hormaechea.

“These developments represent an evolution of some of the core technologies: the desktop operating system, the Office product suite, SQL Server on the database side, with new developments coming down the line on the Azure platform.”

Hormaechea says these products and services represent a leap forward for Microsoft customers. “From improved user interfaces to tighter integration than ever before, the focus across all products is to drive useability and productivity.”

“In particular, in SharePoint 2013, the user interface has taken a leap forward. It is very inviting for end-users, with as little as one to three clicks required to do what you need.

"The team has worked hard to make the most-used functions as easily accessible as possible, while the integration of Yammer adds additional enterprise social networking capabilities into the solution,” he continues.

In addition to gaining perspectives across the Microsoft solution stack, he says conference delegates will also have access to user experiences from early adopters of SharePoint 2013, including ASB Bank.

“The more you know and understand, the better you are able to gather value from the innovations and advancements that Microsoft has built into its technologies,” Hormaechea notes.

The New Zealand SharePoint Conference takes place on 16 and 17 April 2013. To view the agenda and register, click here.