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Sophos tightens cloud security

11 Jun 2010

IT security firm Sophos has announced the addition of Live Protection technologies to its Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection offering.

The endpoint security and data protection additions will increase partner revenue opportunities said the company, by delivering new “Live Protection” technology.

The firm says that its partner community will now offer the new cloud-based architecture which it says equips end-users with real-time threat protection and automatic configuration changes to security and data protection policy settings. 

"IT teams pay security companies to protect them from bad stuff, but many vendors leave customers to decide what to do with suspicious files,” said Sophos Product Specialist Jon Tait. “This Sophos release reduces all this noise by addressing this problem head-on:  suspicious files trigger an instantaneous look-up to the Sophos online database of good and bad data, and the file is allowed or blocked faster than a blink of an eye. Beta results have been seriously impressive – new malware is being picked up way ahead of the game, spelling out greater protection with less complexity for users."

The solution allows businesses to defend their networks against threats such as fake anti-virus and targeted malware.