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The departure of Sparks cybersecurity leader Josh Bahlman
Mon, 19th Feb 2024

In a significant move for both the local cybersecurity and telecommunications industries, Spark New Zealand has confirmed the resignation of Josh Bahlman, the high-profile leader of its Cyber Defence and Technology Architecture teams. Bahlman, who has been with Spark for a decade, is set to pursue a new opportunity overseas, marking the end of a remarkable tenure that has seen substantial advancements in Spark's cybersecurity and IT initiatives.

Under Bahlman's leadership, Spark has navigated the increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats. His role was pivotal in the creation and implementation of strategies that not only safeguarded the company's digital assets but also aligned cybersecurity measures with Spark's broader business objectives. This approach has been crucial at a time when digital security is of paramount importance both internally and for their customers alike.

Spark has marked a bunch of significant achievements recently, including the launch of the Outage Assist service and the My Broadband Health platform. These initiatives have enhanced Spark's customer service capabilities, ensuring connectivity and support even during network outages. Furthermore, Bahlman spearheaded the partnership with Lynk to introduce satellite technology for emergency communications, a project that showcases Spark's commitment to innovation and resilience in the face of natural disasters and other disruptions.

The confirmation of Bahlman's departure also comes at a time when Spark is redefining its focus on hybrid cloud solutions, by the integration of its Leaven consulting business with its CCL cloud business. This strategic move is indicative of the evolving technological landscape. This underscores how fast-moving the sector is and is possibly a response to the huge commitments Microsoft & AWS have made to data centres in New Zealand.

While Spark prepares to bid farewell to a key figure in its leadership team, the company has expressed confidence in the "world-class team" Bahlman leaves behind. His contribution has set a high standard for cybersecurity and technological innovation within Spark, ensuring that the company is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and excellence in these critical areas.

Spark has assured stakeholders that an announcement regarding Bahlman's successor will be made in due course as the company looks forward to the next chapter in its cybersecurity and technology journey.

As Josh Bahlman embarks on his new adventure overseas with his whānau, Spark extends its best wishes for his future endeavours, acknowledging his significant contributions and the lasting impact of his leadership.