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The drinks are on Zendesk

23 Aug 2011

For a company whose business is helping other businesses engage with their customers, Danish helpdesk software vendors Zendesk take a traditional approach when connecting with their clients: they buy them drinks.

Zendesk VP and APAC managing director, Michael Hansen, says with the company recently surpassing 10,000 clients, the strategy seems to be working.

"New Zealand has the highest Zendesk uptake per capita in the world,” Hansen told Techday at one such event in Auckland this week.

"We find the best way to promote ourselves is just to have a great product and let people talk about it.”

The product is a streamlined, cloud-based helpdesk solution which allows users to manage both external and internal communications more effectively. 

Michael Turner and James McGlinn, CEO and CTO of Eventfinder, say Zendesk allows them to manage hundreds of tickets with minimal staff involvement.

"Of all the different questions we get asked, most of them are versions of the same twenty questions,” Turner says.

"Zendesk lets you save answers when you’ve written them, so if you get another question that’s the same you can go to that answer and send it straight off.”

"It’s a sophisticated product,” McGlinn adds.

"It’s cloud-based, so it’s really easy to integrate, plus it can be branded to look like just another part of your site.”

New Zealand Post is also among Zendesk’s customers, as well as international sites Groupon and Tumblr.

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