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ThoughtSpot expands AI capabilities to foster data renaissance
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

ThoughtSpot, the AI-powered analytics company, has unveiled a significant expansion to its artificial intelligence capabilities, set to provide visibility on outcomes while making analytics invisible. This move places humans, rather than technology, at the centre of data-driven decision making. The principle behind this is to foster a "Data Renaissance," unlocking the creativity and ingenuity of personnel and enhancing efficiency and impact.

From business leaders to product, developer, and data teams, the diverse range of new offerings empower all users to discover, dissect, and drill into data within seconds, using natural language. This will deliver direct ROI by reducing barriers to entry and enabling every employee to make accurate, insightful, data-driven decisions.

ThoughtSpot's updated offerings encompass a range of innovative features. Business teams can benefit from conversational business intelligence (BI), AI highlights, and natural language search, including on ThoughtSpot Mobile. This will allow them to extract greater value from their data, wherever and whenever it's needed. Meanwhile, data teams can utilise advanced human-in-the-loop feedback to train and improve system accuracy, as well as AI Assist to optimise productivity by aiding the creation of SQL. Product teams and developers can utilise ThoughtSpot Sage Embed and AskDocs to bring the power of GenAI to their customers too.

Riley Molloy, senior manager of data science at Electronic Arts, said: "GenAI unlocks so much opportunity, and as a business we're focused on how we leverage the technology to continue to innovate and enhance our games and user experiences. ThoughtSpot helps us analyse and spot trends in our player acquisition, best performing game features, and how we monetise our offerings."

Ian Pressman, Senior Data Manager, easyJet holidays, described how ThoughtSpot's capabilities have enabled their trading and product teams to achieve a high level of analytics. He said the resulting boost in customer service and increased profitability are benefits they previously only dreamed of.

Highlighting the significance of the fresh product release, Sudheesh Nair, CEO, ThoughtSpot said, "GenAI is speed-running the industry hype cycle, but it won't bypass it. While it will go through the trough of disillusionment - in fact, many say that's already started - it will be shorter, more compressed than other technologies. GenAI is already being used across the spectrum of consumption, creation, and computation."

Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot, spoke about the importance the new products have for future growth, "Today's announcement represents the culmination of these conversations. Each of these innovations is built to help you go beyond experimenting with generative AI and start creating real value for everyone, whether business leader, data professional, or product builder."