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University of Auckland upgrades IT

13 Oct 2010

The University of Auckland is upgrading its Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences network with Juniper switches and IBM technology.

The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences data network upgrade coincides with a major renovation of the faculty’s main campus. It serves the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Population Health and Medical Sciences, and also serves four off-campus clinical schools.

“The imperative behind this upgrade was to meet current and projected growth in traffic generated, in large part, by research teams relying more and more on data-intensive applications in virtual machine environments,” said John Askew, IT architect for the University of Auckland.

“Our data networks have traditionally been largely single-vendor environments, but we’ve always set the bar high in terms of performance, security compliance and total cost of ownership. We’re delighted that Juniper Networks has exceeded those standards,” he added.

Greg Farmer, IBM New Zealand’s Global Technology Services Executive, said the data network project continued a long-standing relationship between IBM and the university.

“Developments in advanced medical and academic networking make this upgrade fundamental to the growth of both sectors,” said Farmer.  “We’re delighted to work with Juniper Networks to provide a multi-vendor solution that pushes out the boundaries for the university.”