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WalkMe unveils Workflow Accelerators for optimised productivity & growth
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) pioneer, WalkMe, has launched a new tool set, Workflow Accelerators, aiming to optimise productivity and business growth through technology platforms. The Workflow Accelerators are designed to ease the application of technology across business workflows in departments such as HR, sales and finance.

The Accelerators are engineered based on insights derived from 600,000 deployments and billions of user interactions each year. They offer a simple, user-friendly way to identify and overcome any issues encountered when utilising software. An announcement made by pattern-setting WalkMe reveals that the Workflow Accelerators are expected to transform the way businesses tackle workflow inefficiencies.

The predefined solutions within the Workflow Accelerators have been created with the aim of resolving friction in key workflows. By identifying and eradicating these obstacles, the efficiency of software adoption can be improved, leading to measurable business outcomes including revenue growth, productivity enhancement, efficiency elevation and compliance being achieved.

According to the 2024 State of Digital Adoption Report, 93% of enterprise leaders anticipate that the optimisation of digital assets and corresponding workflows will be crucial in addressing many organisational challenges and increasing productivity in 2024. Amy Loomis from IDC Research comments, "Visibility into which workflows are adopted or impeded across a business will be increasingly crucial for organisations as they build cross-functional work models."

KJ Kusch, Global Field CTO for WalkMe, emphasised the importance of workflows in every business and noted that WalkMe is the only Digital Adoption Platform that "meets customers where they are in their digital maturity". WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform enables business leaders to clearly see where issues lie in their critical business workflows and work proactively to eliminate friction across applications.

During the beta testing stage, Workflow Accelerators have already been applied effectively, achieving significant results. Andrea Rodriquez, Sr. Enablement Systems Digital Adoption Manager at Okta, credited WalkMe with providing "time-saving, pre-built solutions that help resolve friction in our sales processes and overall user experience.”

Nikki Merchant, a Workflow Systems Analyst for Thrive Pet Healthcare, advocated that "any organisation with complex workflows in their employee experience would benefit from WalkMe's Workflow Accelerators as a way to fast track improvements to employee productivity and compliance, and ultimately business success."

The Workflow Accelerators provide predefined solutions for imperative workflows across business domains which include human resources, sales workflows, information technology and finance workflows. Furthermore, the application of Workflow Accelerators has been successful in other domains including operations and supply chain, customer services, engineering, security and enterprise portfolio management. The introduction of Workflow Accelerators to the market aims to make the creation of a seamless user experience easier for business leaders.