21 Nov 2013
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Wedge Networks set to spearhead global Cloud Security drive

Wedge Networks, a leader in real-time network security solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers, has been chosen by The CloudEthernet Forum to help lead its new Cloud Security initiative.

Read about the recent launch of the CloudEthernet Forum here.

As a result of the deal, Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO of Wedge Networks is to be appointed co-chair of the CEF’s Security Working Group.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Hongwen Zhang on board to help spearhead our security initiative," says Sam Youn, CEF Technical co-chair and Director, Network Architecture, Equinix.

"Wedge Networks are experts in developing next generation security solutions, with a solid vision about the future of Internet security.

"We are confident they will lead the way in transforming the management of security services from the Cloud.”

Youn says initial work will commence this month, in conjunction with other CEF members, to develop use cases which will help accelerate security advancements for Cloud computing.

The focus of this initiative will be the networking aspect of security issues; the case of securing SDN and providing ‘Security from the Cloud’.

The primary goal of these security use cases will be to advance technology standards and demonstrate best design practices for security services that are consumed by the end users of Cloud services.

Security requirements addressed by the use group will include privacy, encryption and scalability.

"Security grows ultra-important as Cloud becomes the hub of our digital life," Zhang adds.

"The CloudEthernet Forum fosters close collaboration among leading industry players to provide vision and solve such challenges for Cloud computing.

"Wedge Networks is thrilled to be a member of this elite team, exchanging ideas and contributing to our security expertise.

"Together, we will make sure that the Cloud is not only a very fertile and safe business environment, but also where future security will be effectively managed."

Zhang says this security use case is one of six being produced by The CloudEthernet Forum to address technological issues in the deployment of Ethernet-based Cloud services and to help businesses create a flexible and dynamic Cloud infrastructure.

These initiatives will also help reduce the cost and time-to-market of developing new Cloud and mobile applications.

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