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Incident Response news stories

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Forescout signs agreement to acquire expert in threat detection
Forescout Technologies has signed an agreement to acquire Cysiv, an innovator that uses its cloud platform to improve detection and response.
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Microsoft unveils three new security managed services
Security Experts includes three new managed services, Defender Experts for Hunting, Defender Experts for XDR, Security Services for Enterprise.
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Dragos discovers new industrial control system malware
The seventh ever publicly known malware specifically developed to disrupt ICS has been found by cybersecurity company Dragos
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Advantage, SentinelOne partner to bolster incident response
Advantage has announced a partnership with SentinelOne to strengthen its incident response (IR) and threat detection services in New Zealand and the Pacific.
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How to prevent ransomware devastation
The devastating effects of ransomware have grown over the past two decades from opportunistic to carefully orchestrated attacks.
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Data Protection
Backing up your business is about more than preventing data loss
Backups are a crucial part of doing business - typically most crucial directly after the realisation that one wasn't done properly.
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How incident responders fight infotech fires
When systems fail, or hackers strike, incident responders represent an organisation’s first line of defence.
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Cybersecurity insurance
Cloudflare partners with leading cyber insurers and incident response providers
Cloudflare has announced partnerships with leading cyber insurance companies to help businesses manage their risks online. 
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Maximising your investments through security automation
Let’s face it, we’ve talked about security automation for years. We’ve grappled with what, when and how to automate. At certain points we’ve wondered if there’s any place at all for automation. But in our heart of hearts, we’ve known for years that automation is the future. Now the future is here.