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Gender inequality still remains in tech sector as women struggle to secure roles
"It's great to see an uptake in students pursuing a career in tech, however with females finding it harder to secure their first tech roles, it's clear that gender disparities remain."
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Node4 parters with Data Installation & Supplies to deliver Drive DeVilbiss
Node4 has entered into a partnership agreement with Data Installation & Supplies (DIS) in a bid to bring scalability and security to rapidly growing Drive DeVilbiss.
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Interview: Node4's CEO talks SaaS, stack, DX, and colocation
DataCentreNews EMEA recently spoke with Node4’s CEO, Andy Gilbert, at Techfest, an event hosted by Node4 as part of London Tech Week.
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Node4 could help companies get extra value from the cloud
N4Stack will integrate Azure SQL, CosmosDB and Azure Active Directory to provide customers with a hybrid service model.
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Expert: What CaaS channel partners should look for in a data centre partner
There is a huge market for channel partners to sell Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) solutions - Node4 has provided advice for data centre selection.
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Node4 unveils significantly revamped cybersecurity portfolio
The new offering provides a complete view of all security layers as well as features such as AI and threat intelligence.
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Expert provides vital security tips for cloud-connected businesses
A technologist from Node4 shares his insights on the rise of cybercrime and the basic questions businesses need to answer to protect themselves.