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Is 3D dead…again?
3D presentations have enjoyed a regular cycle of boom and bust and right now, the future of 3D television is looking increasingly like a passing fad.
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Pentech: Where people matter...
For Wellington-based national networking and communications specialist Pentech, nothing could be more straightforward than its focus on people, a principle which applies equally to the company’s team of professionals and its clients.
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More on me: Deidre Steyn, ICONZ Webvisions
It may have been a long and winding road to get there, but for Deidre Steyn, the technology industry was always going to be a natural fit for her talents.
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More on me: Mark Petrie, Snap
Straight out of school, Mark Petrie hit the information and communications technology industry.
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More on me: Victor Tsai, Dynamic Supplies
No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business. That’s one of Victor Tsai’s firmly held principles which he has put to good use in his role as National Sales and Marketing Manager for Dynamic Supplies.
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Schneider Electric
More on me: Simon Smith, APC by Schneider Electric
An enduring interest in technology coincided with the rise of personal computing for the masses and that, in a nutshell, is how Simon Smith, Regional Manager, NZ and South Pacific at APC by Schneider Electric, came to be where he is today
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More on me: Ray Jackson, 2Talk
Vision is often the quality that sets the entrepreneur apart – and vision is something Ray Jackson has.
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More on me: Steve Victor, OneNet
A fascination with electronic items from a very young age has parlayed into a career in the technology industry for Steve Victor, national sales manager at cloud solutions provider OneNet.
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Fuji Xerox
More on me: Colin Hewett, Fuji Xerox Printers
"There are a number of parallels between what I did then and today, though it was a little bit simpler in those days."
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More on me: Stuart Preston, Symantec
Being in the technology industry was always on the cards for Stuart Preston, Symantec’s New Zealand Business Manager.
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Disaster Recovery
More on me: Peter Thomas, KeepItSafe
Peter Thomas doesn’t just have an eye for business. He has an eye for rapid growth business, which saw him get into the ISP market when that was hot and get out of it when it approached maturity.
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More on me: Jon McGettigan, Fortinet NZ
Most cyclists will readily tell you that it is amazing where your bike can take you – and that’s probably more true than most for Jon McGettigan, country manager at Fortinet.
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More on me: Chris Westall, Eaton
Being in the business of keeping the electricity flowing is a good one, says Chris Westall, because everyone needs power for everything.
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More on me: Russell Webber, FlexiGroup
Walking through the downtown Auckland offices of FlexiGroup in the company of general manager Russell Webber, the immediate impression one gets is of the pride he has for his team of some 50 people.
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More on me: Nathan Knight, Lenovo
Being back in the country after 12 years abroad has delivered a refreshing sense of perspective for Nathan Knight, channel executive at Lenovo New Zealand.
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More on me: Steve Griffin, Unisys
"I was given an opportunity to come here but didn’t know too much about the place outside of the rugby. I thought I’d give it a go for two or three years, but it’s become my new home."
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More on me: Rhys Taylor, Aerohive
Wifi networks are a pretty remarkable achievement for the industry and are at the root of some of the biggest developments in the technology industry in recent times.
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More on me: Graham Prentice, Cyclone Computers
While he’s the GM of the Apple Division/All of Government at Cyclone Computers, Graham Prentice says he doesn’t work in technology.
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More on me: Neil Dwight, BTG
Coming from a background as a project manager in commercial construction, the IT industry was an exciting prospect for Neil Dwight, group operations director at Business Technology Group (BTG).
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Amazon Web Services / AWS
Startup? Global company? How the cloud answers very different tech requirements
Two companies which occupy quite different positions have both answered their technology requirements by looking to cloud solutions provided by Amazon Web Services.
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BYOD / Bring Your Own Device
Mobility got Captain Cook, where will it take you?
Mobility’s played a pretty prominent part in getting us to where we are as a civilisation.
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Connector Systems
Connector Systems steps up channel enablement in 2013
Big on channel enablement, distributor Connector Systems is busying itself with several initiatives that enhance its ability to serve the needs of resellers, while also broadening its product and service portfolios.
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5 ways to do more with less
It’s a rare network manager indeed who is not familiar with budget constraints but here are five ways to stretch the budget:
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WorldxChange bets big on SIP trunking
While it is an industry awash with millions of dollars, breaking into the telecoms market is no mean feat.