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PaySauce and Xero form strategic alliance in the name of Kiwi farmers
The Xero for Farming concept emerged in response to mounting regulatory pressure on rural employers to meet higher standards of compliance amidst tougher financial realities.
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Farm dogs being put out of business by drone that barks
Man’s best friend might be able to enter retirement early if this new drone innovation from DJI Ferntech has anything to do with it.
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Edge Computing
How Microsoft's new drone deal will help farmers combat crop disease
“As computing becomes ubiquitous, the intelligent edge is emerging as the next technology frontier."
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Internet of Things
$570 million IoT goldmine waiting to be tapped by NZ agri sector
“As technology makes its way onto the fields in the future, more farm management will be done from a desk or device instead of in the field.”
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Fonterra posts $348 million half-year profit loss, CEO steps down
“Beingmate’s continued under-performance is unacceptable," and now the CEO will step down.
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Fitbits for animals: New data could revolutionise Aussie farming
“In the past, farmers got to know the habits of their individual animals. However, with large-scale farming, that is now impossible."
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Farming Software
New strategic, tech-focused vision for NZ's dairy farmers
“It’s set us up to address the challenges and opportunities we now face as a result of the growth we’ve experienced over recent years.”
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Internet of Things
How AI and IoT will help NZ meet increasing food demands
"We know the world is heading toward a major food supply crisis."
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The future of Kiwi farming founded on tech & sustainability
This increase in investment is a far more effective approach to optimising the primary sector than the tax and punish policies of other parties.
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Internet of Things
Using robotics, IoT & data analytics to clean up NZ’s waterways
“There is now a push to make all New Zealand’s waters and rivers swimmable again."
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Fieldays: Tech poised to play a big role in NZ farm management
“I think New Zealand industries want to do the right thing, and most farmers are keen to adapt farm practices and invest where they can."
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High School
Tech aims to aid high school agriculture teachers
“Kids today are savvy with technology and something like this is easy for them to manipulate."